There is no greater earthly love, than the love that I posses for her. Her, the one whom the sun rises for, only to grace our dying world with her astounding beauty.

Her name rolls off of my tongue with grace and ease. Many do not find much meaning behind someone’s name. It is simply a word used to address the person you are speaking about or to. Hers is much more than that. Her name is a word that gives her character; it is not a definition of her. You can never give that girl a definition, because there is no one way to define her. Her name, however, gives her fullness. It tastes sweet when I hold it inside of my cheeks. Her name brings my mouth to life as I speak it and it stings when it wisps from between my lips. If I could only speak one word for the rest of time, let it be her sweet, bold name.

She is an idea that many wordsmiths attempt to put in writing. However, you simply cannot find the words. No words can amount to the idea that is her. She can make the most effortlessly beautiful writers write as if they know no such rules for language. She can make the most eloquent speakers speak as if they are newborn children, babbling, attempting to make their mouths create the words. However, it is all impossible. I can try to find the right things to say in honor of her and who she is, but I am merely a failure.

I adore the girl with the name of wonders and the power to baffle the intellectual. I love her more any concept could grasp. I love her in ways most humans think are impossible. My life was formed and given to me as a gift. My gift is that I have been chosen to meet her, and fall in love so deeply with her that I spend my life chasing after her and all of her beauty. My gift is that she will choose me, every day. See is not mine to keep, because nothing so wonderful could ever be a possession. Instead, she chooses to stay next to me. Me, someone who in anyone else’s opinion, could never amount to enough for her. Those people are right. I will never match her splendor, or her magnitude, I can only try. But, I will always match her in step, because wherever she may be, I will be next to her. I will never leave her side or stray away from the creation God ever so lovingly took his precious time on. She may never be “mine,” no. Oh but I will always be hers.




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