It’s Been Awhile

I haven’t written anything in quite sometime. I have missed my release, and all of my fellow bloggers. I needed the summer to figure things out. I needed the summer to remember how to have fun and to remember that it is okay to be myself. I just needed the summer.

After thousands of miles traveled from Texas, to Vegas, to ¬†California (north then south), and back to Texas, I finally had time to completely feel free again. I don’t remember the last time I felt that. No worries, no struggles, no bills piling up on my desk or in my mind. I had the chance to be free, to be me.

Something I [accidentally] realized, I am me when I am teaching. I am me when I am coaching. I am me when I’m holding a basketball in my hand and a whistle between my lips. That is when I am me. I finally got fresh outlook on my career, again. Last year was tough, to say the least. Teaching took a toll on me. I had kids whose problems outweighed mine by the thousands. I took those problems on as if they were my own. I had kids who drained me of energy and time, but never of love. I had kids who became my kids, and who I would have happily taken into my home to better their lives. I had kids who pushed me to the limit everyday. But never, ever, did I not love those kids. The ones who were easy to love, and the ones who made it hard, I still loved them.

I was the “teacher”, but in all reality,they taught me.

I have now started back to school, and I have never been more excited about my career. It’s a wonderful thing when your career and passion go hand in hand. I am thankful, I am blessed, and I am revamped.

I am a teacher, and to many kids, that is the closest thing to a superhero they will ever meet. If I’m someone’s superhero, that’s awesome! But, those kiddos, they are the superheroes to me.


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