The Feeling of Inadequacy

1. not adequate or sufficient; inept or unsuitable.
2. Psychiatry. ineffectual in response to emotional, social, intellectual, and physical demands in the absence of any obvious mental or physical deficiency.
One of the worst feelings I have ever experienced is the feeling of inadequacy. Feeling like you genuinely aren’t good enough. Feeling like no matter what you do, it’s never quite up to par.I think what’s worst than that is having other people think that about you.
There are two kinds of people in this world. Type 1: People who let that do some serious damage to their inner fighter, giving them a K.O. in a matter of minutes.Giving up, taking off their gloves and forfeiting before their pride completely shatters. Then there is type 2: People who feed off of it. Who feel it, learn from it, and keep on truckin’. The people who use it as fuel for bettering themselves. There have been times when I have been type 1. My pride was damaged. The fighter in me was embarrassed and wanted to quit. I didn’t understand the point of trying anymore, and quite frankly I was throwing my own little pity party. I think everyone goes through that at some point.
Recently I have been pushed and pulled in every direction in one specific aspect of my life. I have had thoughts of giving up on the task at hand and finding something else to do with my life. I have thought that I wasn’t good enough. But the truth is, I’m more than enough. I am choosing to be type 2, as hard as it can be at times. I am choosing to outlast the adversary. I am choosing to brush it off and I am choosing to show that I am not shaken or bothered by comments made. I know that I am enough, and I know I am dang good at what I do. I am not inadequate, in fact, I am more than qualified. I refuse to let anyone else win, I absolutely REFUSE to be ran off by someone who is scared that I am not only more qualified than them, but better than them.
Inadequacy might seep out of others. But it will never seep out of me. 

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